To breathe new life into Leicester, #DMUlocal has created a series of projects that regenerate areas of the city as well as provide students with valuable business experience.

These projects benefit Leicester in the following ways:

  • Boosting the economy by helping businesses and charities become more efficient
  • Tackling the issue of empty shops in the city centre by filling them with displays of exciting student artwork
  • Encouraging DMU students to remain in the city after graduation because of the business experience they have gained
  • Improving and maintaining areas that are often misused or mistreated

Positive outcomes can range from a local football club being able to afford more equipment, to cleaner canal towpaths for the public to enjoy.

More than 100 students have already worked with 40 local firms and charities as consultants to raise revenue and profits, which has in turn enabled DMU academics to present research into student employability.

Regeneration projects provide students of all degree types with the opportunity to get involved and make a difference to Leicester.

Students can expect:

  • Transport to and from the volunteering location when necessary
  • Ongoing support and assistance from the Square Mile team
  • Recognition in their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) when they graduate
  • DMU Square Mile certificate to support achievements (this can be obtained after completion of the student experience evaluation)

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