Vital advice and guidance is being given to the communities that need it most as part of the #DMUlocal Diabetes Project.

As a result of the pioneering partnership between De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) and Diabetes UK, 50 DMU students were trained as Community Champions in the 2015/16 academic year.

Community Champions go into schools, community centres and health organisations to raise awareness about the condition.

These students not only distribute information about diabetes, but also perform assessments of people to determine their risk of developing Type 2, a form of the condition that often occurs later in life and accounts for around 90 per cent of cases.

By working with hard-to-reach groups, DMU Community Champions are able to help people manage their condition, share information about preventative measures and signpost service users to appropriate healthcare organisations.

Leicester has a higher than average number of people with diabetes, with nearly 7 per cent, or more than 20,000 people, having a form of the condition.

Dedicated to not letting that number rise, #DMUlocal has worked with hundreds of people across the city, helping them reduce their risk of developing the condition.

It is not just the people of Leicester who benefit, with DMU researchers also using the project to learn more about diabetes.

In addition, the diabetes project has been shared internationally at L’Aquila University in Italy as an example of the benefit of utilising student volunteers in community projects.

All of this gives students the opportunity to work with new people, gain confidence and make their CV stand out.

If you would like to learn more about #DMUlocal projects, click here.