#DMUlocal is dedicated to improving health and raising awareness in hard-to-reach communities.

With so many people suffering from chronic and even life-threatening illnesses, there is a vital need for more information that helps people manage and prevent disease to be made available.

This is where #DMUlocal comes in.

As a result of #DMUlocal projects, community members have benefited from:

  • Increased awareness about conditions such as diabetes and blood cancer
  • Training to better deal with conditions such as dementia
  • Information on preventative measures that can be used to reduce the risk of developing many illnesses
  • Greater discussion of diseases such as cancer in isolated communities where it has become a taboo subject
  • Schoolchildren learning first aid and what to do in an emergency

These projects have had a transformative effect on everyone involved and have not only raised awareness, but also helped to save lives.

Successes include:

  • Helping to save the life of a woman with leukaemia after a Stem Cell drive
  • Sharing the results of the diabetes project internationally to highlight the benefit of utilising DMU Square Mile volunteers
  • Helping resolve the hearing problems of a six-year-old boy, who was getting into trouble at school for not paying attention

These life-changing events and many more like them have been made possible by a dedicated workforce of DMU Square Mile volunteers giving up their time to share their expertise with the community.

For this hard work, students can expect:

  • Free training specific to their chosen project
  • Transport to and from the volunteering location when necessary
  • Ongoing support and assistance from the Square Mile team
  • Recognition in their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) when they graduate
  • DMU Square Mile certificate to support achievements (this can be obtained after completion of the student experience evaluation)

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