School Support

School Support Projects make a real difference to primary and secondary school pupils by pairing them with DMU Square Mile volunteers who provide one-to-one support.

Mentors are placed in schools across Leicester where they work within core subjects to help students build confidence, enhance existing skills and consequently reach new heights in their academic attainment.

Here are some of the achievements so far:

  • In a single year, the reading age of one pupil was raised from 7 to 15
  • 94 per cent of 150 Year 10s showed an improvement in their core subject scores (maths and English)
  • Improved quality of homework and coursework at both primary and secondary level
  • Improved attitude to work, as well as much improved confidence in engaging with work
  • Improved attendance, behaviour and punctuality

In addition to offering targeted subject support, DMU students also provide mentoring to improve pupils’ confidence and raise their aspirations by acting as positive role models to showcase the diversity of careers and education available.

DMU Square Mile volunteers also co-ordinate Coding Clubs for more than 500 primary school pupils, to make the classroom come alive and support recent changes in the curriculum.

It is not only the school pupils that benefit, with volunteers being given the opportunity to experience a working environment while improving leadership and problem-solving skills.

DMU students who sign up will also receive:

  • Free mentoring training
  • Free enhanced DBS check
  • Induction and safeguarding training from the allocated school
  • Transport to and from the volunteering or placement location when necessary
  • Ongoing support and assistance from the Square Mile team
  • Recognition in their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) when they graduate
  • DMU Square Mile certificate to support achievements (this can be obtained after completion of the student experience evaluation)

With so many schools requesting DMU students, it is essential that volunteers are committed to enhancing children’s academic potential.

Volunteers should be:

  • Committed and passionate
  • Polite and respectful of others
  • Punctual and professional

Work at a Leicester school and want to get your students involved in School Support projects? Sign up here.

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