DMU Square Mile India

Following on from the success of community support projects in the city, De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has started a new series of initiatives in India to help some of the world’s poorest families.

Launched in February 2016, DMU Square Mile India combines the expertise of DMU academics with the skills of its students, providing services that will improve the education, health and living conditions of thousands.

DMU Square Mile India projects include:

  • Connecting remote rural villages to sustainable energy resources
  • Providing health outreach to hundreds of people with hearing problems in Gujarat
  • Creating a new Square Mile in the slum of Ramapir No Tekro in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city
  • Developing new projects with partner universities, organisations and charities in India
  • Creating global internships for Indian students at DMU
  • Supporting a home for vulnerable children in Ahmedabad, as well as wider health and education programmes for underprivileged groups

The initiative was founded after DMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard visited the Gandhi Ashram, which includes a home for around 120 children in Ahmedabad, a city in the westernmost state of Gujarat.

The ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi lived for 12 years, is located next to Ramapir No Tekro, a slum that houses 160,000 people in the same space as DMU’s Square Mile, which has 8,000 residents.

It takes in only the poorest children and provides them with basic education, healthcare and food and it is around this home that DMU Square Mile India is providing life-changing support.

Projects have been created to provide free hearing screenings, while engineering students will work on schemes to improve water supplies and drainage.

DMU Square Mile India is also supporting the children’s home as part of its work in Ahmedabad though a charitable sponsorship scheme, the DMU Square Mile India Fund, which gives people the opportunity to make a real difference to a child’s life.

DMU students also travel to other Indian states, where projects include building vital toilets that will help keep girls in education and providing free English lessons.

By volunteering, students have the chance to explore a unique culture as well as improve their teamwork, leadership and problem solving-skills, which will make their CV stand out and improve their employability.

For more information or to make a donation to the DMU Square Mile India Fund, visit DMU Square Mile India.

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