Community testimony



Free English Lessons

“I wanted to be more confident with my English. Sometimes I am afraid that I will say something wrong if somebody asks me a question. These classes are providing me with a real boost. I really like coming along. It is also great to meet lots of people from the community.”

Stanislawa Pietrzak, Square Mile resident


“I think IT4Free is a really good idea where you get one-to-one time with a nice person who explains a lot of different things. I did not really want to go into a class because it would be like going back to school, so it is lovely that people are prepared to give up their time. I have so much technology sitting there waiting to be used and my grandchildren said, ‘come on, get smart’, so this is a new start for me.”

Janet Docherty, Square Mile resident

Kestrels’ Field Primary School Art Event

“The work the children have done is a real inspiration and shows good creative thought. I am very proud.”

Sandhya Vaishnau, parent

“This is great because the children need to know more about art – especially urban art. It is amazing and everyone has put in 110 per cent.”

Kerry Beck, parent

Moving Together

“What Moving Together provided in terms of a learning experience for the children was very unique. They introduced numerous international cultures for the children to learn about and explore, whilst also providing a platform for the children to express themselves through dance. Attendance on the days Moving Together operated increased dramatically, and the teaching staff have noted improvements in behaviour and attitude in particular children. I would happily recommend this project to anyone.”

Sara Fletcher, assistant principal, Babington Community College


Free Hearing Screenings

“I had my hearing test at Shama Women’s Centre and I was very keen to find out more about the project. I decided to have a full hearing test at DMU and recommended the project to my friends as well. I felt very comfortable talking to the officers; they explained everything to me clearly in my mother tongue. I want to learn British Sign Language as my son who is 10 has speech difficulty and we as a family really struggle to communicate with him. It is very frustrating and makes me feel low. Working with the project I hope I can resolve some of these difficulties. Today my husband, my daughter and I have all had full hearing checks and I can’t thank you enough for the good service.”

Parminder Kaur, local resident


The Big Lunch

“I am pleasantly surprised by how many people are here and how many people are enjoying themselves. It’s a lovely setting for a community event and the children are particularly enjoying themselves.”

Dawn Alfonso, councillor for Fosse

“I like the way it is structured so kids are not just bombarding everything. There are bits for everyone, even adults.”

Ashely, local