Student Volunteering

Group of students and the launch

Volunteering is at heart of DMU’s commitment to the public good, and that all started with Square Mile, an award-winning programme of volunteering activities dedicated to working in Leicester’s most deprived areas.

Key to this is our Square Mile volunteers, who take part in 125 #DMUlocal projects each year.

The inspiration for #DMUlocal, Square Mile is improving the health, education and job prospects of thousands of residents in a literal square mile that covers Woodgate, Fosse, Newfoundpool and Beaumont Leys.

Beginning in 2011 with just 20 projects, the success of DMU Square Mile has seen it grow to become part of #DMUlocal and provide more than 125 projects to thousands of people across Leicester with the help of around 150 DMU academics and more than 2,500 student volunteers.

We have not forgotten our roots though, and continue work with residents in the square mile across our three lenses of education, health and regeneration.

That is why all our volunteers still proudly wear the Square Mile logo when the volunteer.

By becoming a DMU Square Mile volunteers, not only are you able to share your own expertise with people who really need it, but you can also gain valuable experience of a workplace that will make your CV stand out and increase your employability.

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