Student Volunteering

Group of students and the launch

Volunteering is at the heart of DMU’s commitment to the public good, and that all started with Square Mile, an award-winning programme of volunteering activities dedicated to working in Leicester’s most deprived areas.

By becoming a DMU Square Mile volunteer, not only are you able to share your skills with people who really need it, but you can also gain valuable experience that will make your CV stand out and increase your employability.

All volunteering hours you log through #DMUlocal projects or global voluntary trips are added to your HEAR report, which provides an electronic source of information recording all of your achievements whilst at DMU. As a DMU Square Mile volunteer we also believe in rewarding you, we provide certification of hours upon completion of an end of year evaluation and we annually host an awards night.

At #DMUlocal we are partnered with over 90 schools, 65 external organisations, and scores DMU academics. We also work closely with our sports teams and societies. Our 130 projects allow every single student at DMU to immerse themselves into their local community and beyond, through organised opportunities and that not only benefits the local community; but have a positive impact globally.

In 2016/17, DMU students contributed over 33,000 hours of their time through nearly 3,000 volunteering opportunities. Out of students who were surveyed:

  • 92% of students are now more confident in their own abilities;
  • 93% said their communication skills increased because of their experience with Square Mile;
  • 88% believed that the skills they now have because of their volunteering experience, employers in the future will value;
  • 100% of students surveyed would recommend volunteering with DMU Square Mile to a friend.

One student also said:

“Volunteering with DMU Square Mile has opened many amazing opportunities for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. I felt a real connection with the university this year, something which I haven’t previous though as I hadn’t volunteering with DMU before this year. Highly recommended to all students, and am extremely grateful for all the opportunities to enhance my skills and CV.”

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