Rethinking Refugees: English Support Sessions

Being a part of the English Support Sessions has been a truly incredible experience. I study on the English Language Teaching Masters course and we have used our skills that we have learnt throughout the course to deliver a number of English classes to refugees living in Leicester. By DMU Square Mile organising this scheme, it has helped me gain valuable experience in teaching and being able to use the skills I’ve learnt in class. On top of this, it’s been so humbling working with the refugees in building their confidence in speaking English and helping them improve on their skills. Seeing them all walk into class with smiling faces and being so keen to learn has made the whole experience all the more better. I’ve been able to talk to them all on a personal level and connect with them to make the classes more enjoyable for everyone.

In September last year I also went out to Ahmedabad, India as part of a DMU Square Mile’s scheme to teach in schools the importance of washing your hands properly and the dangers of germs spreading. The programme outreached to various different schools in the villages of Ahmedabad as well as communities within the slums and it was a truly humbling experience to see children far less fortunate than most appear so happy and enthusiastic to meet new people and to learn something new. We were also able to participate in a number of different cultural experiences including dancing on the street with a Punjabi dance group. The trip gave me a new appreciation for everything in my life and to make the most of what I have and to live my life to my fullest as there are plenty of others who would dream to have what I have in life.

Joseph Glover