Owen’s rewarding school experience

Over the past 5 months, I have been volunteering at a local primary school, teaching dance with DMU Local and DMU Dance Society. The opportunity has allowed me to become more confident in myself, and to develop new skills that I would not have developed without it. The whole experience has been so rewarding, watching the students develop so much in both technique and confidence, and this was evident at the end of year showcase in front of their parents. Seeing the student’s enthusiasm to get involved in every dance, exercise and game we did with them was great and it has made me really wish that I had the same opportunity to work with older students when I was younger.

I would definitely recommend volunteering in some way with #DMUlocal, there are so many different experiences offered each week, whether it is a one off afternoon of volunteering or for a whole semester. It has enhanced my CV and I have already spoken a lot about my time volunteering in job interviews, which has helped me to stand out from others. It’s also a great way to take your mind off studies a little bit and to get involved with something that may not be related to your course.

Owen Lloyd