#JoinTogether: Actions over words

One of the greatest memories I will hold from my time at DMU will be my trip to New York with DMULocal, acting as an ambassador for the #JoinTogether campaign. I was given so many wonderful opportunities that taught me so much about refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. It taught me how hard it can be to settle not only in New York but also America as a whole. During the trip we attended a United Nations (NGO) chat series event to discuss the campaign and what we are all doing and what more we can all do. Alongside this the Vice Chancellor announced the university would be supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal 14; to ban all single use plastic on campus. During the chat series I was able to do a snapchat takeover and prior to this had a meeting with the Vice Chancellor and other members of the DMU Public Engagement and social media team. I can honestly say had I not gone on this trip I’d never have been able to meet such staff members of DMU. This really linked in with my future career aspirations and goals.

On returning home from the trip I was also able to write a blog post about my experience awaiting publishing, again something I would never have been able to do was it not for the DMULocal team. Also, during the trip I assisted with the deep clean of a refugee shelter kitchen and conducted mock interviews refugees for catholic charities organisation refugees. The smiles, gratitude and thanks given by the individuals who run the organisations and refugees themselves was overwhelming. Giving up just a little bit of time to help others with things we all probable take for granted daily makes the biggest difference to the lives of others. The trip honestly highlighted the meaning of actions over words.

Halima Abowath