#DMUlocal teams up with Creat-a-con to provide day of STEM activities

A dazzling display of technology was on show last weekend, as #DMUlocal once again teamed up with Creat-a-con to deliver a day of STEM events for kids.

Creat-a-con brings organisations from across Leicester together to showcase the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), all to help inspire young people to consider new career paths and discover new passions.

The all day event held on Saturday saw hundreds pass through the doors of the Queens building on DMU campus, all eager to experience hands-on learning with virtual reality, Lego, K’Nex, shadow puppets and more.

Jason Boomer, Founder of Creat-a-con, said: “Creat-a-con is a free STEM event that we put on to try to and get all of the Leicester-based science and technology groups together so they can share projects and talk about what they’re working on and bring that to the public.

“It opens up opportunities that they may not have experienced at school or at home. The idea really is to show them that education is not boring, it’s finding that thing you are inspired by, the thing that you’re really interested in, that you want to pursue in your own time.”

Creat-a-con has become a regular feature of #DMUlocal’s calendar recently, with the event bringing the latest technology to bright and curious minds each year.

Popular this year was STEMtastic’s stall, which saw dozens of kids learn the science behind the perfect paper aeroplane, replacing old fashioned folding with loops.

Austin Ayling, age 6, tried his hand at creating a loop plane based on a swan. He said: “It’s designed just like a bird; it’s got a swan on the front called Austin’s Swan and a big loop at the back.

“I would like to be an engineer when I grow up. You get to design things and see if it works or not.”

When asked what he would make, Austin replied: “A robo-swan to see what life for swans is like.”

Alongside STEM teams from across the city, #DMUlocal had volunteers on hand to help kids and parents learn something new.

Imtiaz Kapasi, a 3rd year Business and Marketing student, volunteered and said: “I was interested in the whole aspect of teaching kids new skills and creativity.

“I think the benefit for me is actually seeing happiness on the kids faces, that they’re actually coming here to learn something.

“It [#DMUlocal] does help with repaying the community and just getting involved with stuff because that way you actually pick up skills yourself.”

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