DMU Square Mile India: An Unforgettable Experience

The 10 days I spent in India last November were the best 10 days of my life to date. As a group, we travelled from Birmingham to Indore and stayed at Daly College, then went on a tiny yellow bus to the government school where we were working each day.

One part that will always stay with me was after our work at the school was complete and the washroom was built, our group packed back into the tiny bus and visited the ancient cities of Maheshwar and Mandu. We visited Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, the building which inspired the Taj Mahal, and several other amazing feats of architecture. My favourite was an ancient fort for which we got up at 5am for. Getting up this early enabled us to arrive just on time to watch the sunrise. The watchtower we climbed was right on the edge of a valley and the view was already amazing before dawn had broken.

We all got ourselves comfortable in an archway (after several photo shoots from various angles) and watched. The valley began to glow orange as the sun hung heavy in the sky, and with each passing minute it became more beautiful. I was sat with another girl on the trip, Harriet, and we played It’s A Small World from my phone as the day began with the most amazing view before us.

After that we drove down the hill a little and stopped at a different part of the fort, a part which had extravagant pools, gardens and even singing chambers. In this, one person would stand in one of the singing chambers and sing quietly, and everyone else would stand in the other chamber and the voice would be amplified, all because of the architecture. I had been singing the whole trip to keep everyone’s spirits up, and so when our tour guide asked the group who the best singer was, they immediately pointed to me.

Being the scatter-brain that I am, upon being faced with the challenge to sing in an ancient Indian fort to my group, only one song came to mind: Faith by George Michael.

And so, there I was, singing about how nice it was to touch someone’s body in an Ancient Indian fort as the sun rose.

It was unforgettable.


Georgia Chenery