A year in the making: How Scott went the extra mile

My Square Mile journey started September 15th 2017 volunteering for Beaumont Leys Youth Club (led by Martin) which I also volunteered for the October session too, a fantastic opportunity where we interacted with local children keeping them out of trouble by providing them a place to go to have fun, without the Square Mile volunteers they would not be able to open so defiantly left a good feeling with me.

Next I went onto to help Aaron with Excel Yourself, Mathletics and Playdough. I thoroughly enjoyed helping children with Excel and Maths however, Playdough would challenge me like I never have been challenged before. I taught three year 6 classes about shareholding at Forest Lodge Primary School for 7 Thursdays afternoons, before this I did not have any teaching experience but I loved the challenge of thinking on my feet and teaching three wonderful classes about shareholding.


Another special opportunity I was part of was the Elderly Community Christmas Lunch where I and quite few other volunteers provided help in serving the elderly community with a Christmas lunch, I spent time talking to the table I was assigned getting to know them and thoroughly enjoyed listening to their stories and jokes while also putting a smile on their faces. After Christmas holidays I was given another fantastic opportunity to work with Martin again but this time part of The Food Hub where I volunteered every Friday providing food to families and individuals in times of crisis. The first time volunteering for The Food Hub was an emotional day but with the support of the wonderful team at the E2 Training Centre I was able to gain new skills while transferring my skills from my previous volunteering experiences at Cancer Research UK.


Although, I have only mentioned 5 opportunities, I have gone on to take part in 12 different opportunities totalling 150 hours. Not only have I managed to gain so many new experiences and skills, through networking with the different people at the different opportunities, I was able to secure a placement thanks to Martin who saw my efforts at The Food Hub and hired me as Business Development Coordinator for my placement year. Furthermore, I was nominated and won The Going the Extra Mile Square Mile Award which I am so grateful for and could not believe I won. For me Square Mile has changed my life in a big way. I would encourage anyone who has spare time to take part in at least one Square Mile opportunity.