#DMUlocal Hate Crime Awareness Training kicks off on DMU campus

Free training sessions to help DMU staff and students stand up to hate crime launched this month, as #DMUlocal teams up with the Leicester LGBT Centre.

The sessions, running twice a month until February, allow everyone the chance to learn more about what hate crime is and how we as a community can help eliminate inequality and discrimination.

Andrew Bolland,┬áStrategic Development and Partnerships Manager at the Leicester LGBT Centre, facilitates the sessions and said: “We cover all forms of hate crime awareness and the themes that we cover include what hate crime is, what the impact is on the victims of that hostility and most importantly, how to report incidents when they occur.

“Everyone has their own individual identity and hate crime is about people who are targeted because of their identity so everyone who attends these sessions is a potential victim of hate crime and are likely to know someone who is victim of hostility.

“Particularly for students, where it may be their first time living on their own away from their family, we can talk about why it is important to recognise it and again the support that is available.”

Alongside learning who to turn to, the training also goes into the historical context of hate crime and include real-world examples to discuss.

Hate Crime Awareness Training runs again on 25th October, and continues into the new year with two opportunities to get involved each month.

Sadia Elisha, a second year Law student, said: “I came along today to get more information about hate crime and take some of the things I learn to other DMU students.

“It’s also something that will look great on my CV and my HEAR report.”

For more information or to book onto a #DMUlocal Hate Crime Awareness Training session, click here.