Leicester school support

Working at a Leicester school and want to get your pupils involved in #DMUlocal’s education projects?

#DMUlocal has a range of tried and tested projects to support your pupils in a variety of ways.

See below to discover how your school could benefit from DMU student expertise or email Harriet Pole, Widening Participation Co-ordinator, on harriet.pole@dmu.ac.uk for more information.

Primary school support

Education Placements:  Education students are placed into a local school and assist the teaching staff in a number of activities. In return students are to be able to collect observations or interviews with teachers to be used when writing their dissertation. Students are required to be actively involved in the lessons and are almost shadowing the teachers. As part of the Education Studies course, students must achieve at least six and a half full days of volunteering at a school.

Coding: Students provide schools with support in implementing the Department of Education’s new curriculum requirements on coding. Student volunteers deliver their personally tailored lesson plans through the format of regular coding clubs to teach coding skills to hundreds of children, using programmes such as Scratch.

Primary and Secondary school support

Paired Reading: Student volunteers work with pupils who need regular reading to improve their reading age and comprehension.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support: Student volunteers provide a wide-range of language interventions across schools. DMU international students can help break down language barriers between children recognised as having EAL needs.

Bespoke Projects: If your school has an idea for a bespoke project and would like student or academic support, please contact us using the details below with your idea.

Harriet Pole, Widening Participation Co-ordinator:  harriet.pole@dmu.ac.uk