What if I have my own idea for a project?
We always want to hear your ideas for how #DMUlocal can do more to support the community. If you have an idea for a new project, visit the Proposal submission page to learn more about how to apply.

How do I get involved in a #DMUlocal project?
There are many ways students and staff can get involved in #DMUlocal’s work. For students, the most rewarding way can be by becoming a DMU Square Mile volunteer. We have a huge range of opportunities to suit any student’s area of expertise or interest.

DMU staff can get involved by using their academic expertise to come up with project ideas that add another dimension to #DMUlocal and benefit the community in a new way. There are always more communities to reach and services to be provided and a greater staff engagement can only help.

DMU Square Mile Volunteering

Will volunteering clash with my degree timetable?
No, volunteering should never clash with your degree. We have a range of opportunities that can be built around your schedule, ensuring you never miss a class and still have the chance to enhance your university experience by giving back to the community.

Do I have to pay for transport to the project?
Where transport is required, most of the time volunteers will not have to pay for it. However this may vary from project to project and so it is essential that you speak to a member of the DMU Square Mile team about travel requirements before you commit to volunteering.

What is a DBS check and do I need one to volunteer at a school?
DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and enables police records and barred list information to be searched. It is then up to the Disclosure and Barring Service to issue an individual with the appropriate certificate which will allow them to participate within the chosen workplace or volunteering organisation.

Depending on the project you wish to take part in, you may require a DBS check. These are free to students and can be obtained by speaking to a member of the #DMUlocal team. To learn more about DBS checks, click here or visit the gov.uk website.

How often should I volunteer?
This is entirely up to you and we have a range of opportunities that cater for those who wish only to give up a few hours a term to those that want to volunteer every week. It is important to remember, though, that once you agree to provide an amount of time you have a responsibility to the community to fulfil your commitment.

Does it matter what my degree subject is?
There are some projects that require students studying a specific degree, such as the Free Hearing Screenings project. Most do not require a particular academic background, though, only a student who is dedicated, passionate, caring and committed to help their community.