Proposal submission

We always welcome your ideas about how #DMUlocal can better support the community, or how our students can help your current project.

If you have a suggestion for a new project or event, let us know by filling in our Public Engagement Proposal form.

PLEASE NOTE: This application is currently for non financial project support.

Proposal submission

Anyone who is a resident in Leicester – including schools, businesses, charities and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) students and staff – are welcome to submit a proposal for a #DMUlocal project or support from our DMU Square Mile Volunteers.

Until July 2017, we have ten rounds of assessment of proposals, after which the next ten rounds will be established.

In the table below the submission cut-off date refers to when proposals will be downloaded from our website, ready to be assessed by the #DMUlocal team. If you submit your proposal past one of the cut-off dates, your proposal will be assessed in the next round.

All proposals are assessed by Public Engagement Project Co-ordinators, who use their experience to determine the recommended outcome to senior members of staff who make the final decision. Our team uses their experience of working within the community and with students to determine whether the project should be taken forward. Unfortunately this means there is no set criteria you must meet in order for it to be accepted. All proposals are unique and are considered carefully before making final decisions.

We endeavor to notify you of our decision within the same round, detailed in the dates below. However, if the proposal is for more than £10,000, the proposal will be reviewed by the ‘Promoting our City Theme Board’ at DMU. You will be notified of their decision in the next round. Please note this is only applicable when we are accepting proposals for funding.

The assessment of individual proposals will have one of the following outcomes:

  • Approved – with next steps to be arranged between #DMUlocal and the proposer
  • Delayed* – #DMUlocal cannot approve at this time and will have a final decision by the ‘notification to proposer’ date in the next round
  • Rejected – the proposal cannot be taken forward, but feedback will be available by request
  • Deferred – proposals for more than £10,000 will be assessed by the Theme Board (applicable when proposals for funding are active)

*Please be aware that during high quantities of project submissions, #DMUlocal may unable to provide ‘delayed’ proposal outcomes. If the proposal has potential, #DMUlocal may communicate with proposer how to shape the project to align with #DMUlocal objectives. A delayed outcome may also be applied if the team feels they need more information before making a final decision.

If you have any questions regarding this process or your proposal requires urgent attention, please email with your queries.

Proposal Rounds*

Round Submission cut-off Notification to proposer
Round 1 28/10/16 09/11/16
Round 2 25/11/16 07/12/16
Round 3 03/01/17 11/01/17
Round 4 26/01/17 06/02/17
Round 5 23/02/17 06/03/17
Round 6 24/03/17 05/04/17
Round 7 21/04/17 05/05/17
Round 8 22/05/17 02/06/17
Round 9 30/06/17 12/07/17
Round 10 31/07/17 11/08/16

*Please note that these dates are subject to change, and will be updated on the website.

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