#DMUlocal provides students with a wide range of unique and exciting volunteering opportunities that allows them to put their skills and talents into practice. With students being offered more than 125 projects to get involved with, this gives student volunteers a wide range of opportunities to in helping bring the community together. In particular, the programme centres itself around three key areas: health, regeneration and education. These areas are explored through our strategic partnerships, just a few being Leicester City Council, NHS and Leicester police, with the desire to make transformative impact.


Through a range of specialist health projects, #DMUlocal aims to promote health and wellbeing to both our city and its community.  Some of these projects have involved campaigns in raising awareness for diabetes and dementia, where students have committed to learning the required skills to help save lives. Students have also engaged with cancer support groups, where simply giving up a small amount of their time to take part in activities with the cancer groups has made substantial difference.


Students involved with regeneration projects are giving their support in making long lasting positive impact in the city. These projects contribute to the social and economic development of the city and through rejuvenation hope to encourage students to remain a part of Leicester after their studies. Through regeneration projects, we are able to reach out to those hard-to-reach groups who are less likely to benefit from high education. This has allowed for student-led projects to provide these groups with the most suitable and engaging activities for them.

The Rethinking Refugee Support Programme and Homelessness campaign, two of the larger regeneration projects, are both ongoing campaigns that allow volunteers to really engage with the specific issues in Leicester and understand how they can play a role in helping overcoming them. Within the Homelessness campaign students are have the streets of Leicester to help decrease working towards decreasing homelessness on Leicester streets.


In order to help improve education in the community, volunteers are able to work directly in schools to help support children in achieving the best possible results they can. Working with over 50 schools, the education projects give support from improving student’s maths and reading to drama and coding,. As well as this, there is an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects which hope to raise awareness of new aspirations and opportunities in less familiar subjects.

#DMUlocal are committed to helping young people in education in whatever way possible, whether this be academically, creatively or even both. Not only this, but support is given to those children with behavioural challenges to encourage them to develop their own ideas in finding a path which suits them best. Education projects can be held within primary or high schools providing benefits for both volunteers and children involved.